Daniel Helm

Daniel Helm

Developer Evangelist


I help developers understand emerging technologies and help emerging technologies understand their developers. I also make art that thinks about technology and politics.

Crossing the City Series


The imagery in this series come from video footage of people moving through various urban landscapes. Processed into ultra-long panoramas and arranged in a book format or cropped for large-format digital prints, the images slow movement through space and provide an alternative for how we see the city.

Digital prints, with books, as installed in the O.U. College of Architecture
Tokyo. Prints with YouTube video of train-ride.
Another shot of digital prints, installed.
Pyongyang. Digital prints and book.
Paris. Digital prints and book.
Las Vegas. Digital prints and book.
Venice. Digital prints and book.
Book spread of Venice.
Book spread of Las Vegas.
Book spread of Pyongyang.
Book spread of Paris.
Book spread of Tokyo.
Tokyo book.
Tokyo book.