Daniel Helm

Daniel Helm

Developer Evangelist


I help developers understand emerging technologies and help emerging technologies understand their developers. I also make art that thinks about technology and politics.

Talks & Workshops

Writing and presenting talks and workshops is an incredibly rewarding aspect of doing Developer Relations work. I’ve been fortunate to speak audiences and developers at a variety of conferences, hackathons and sponsored events.

Decentralized Frontends with Skynet Homescreen

Recording from ETHDenver ‘22. Also given at EthGlobal’s ETHOnline Dev Tools Summit (2021) and HandyCon (2022).

A workshop-focused variation given at ETHGlobal’s UniCode (2021), Gitcoin’s Open DeFI DAO Hackathon (2021), and more.

Decentralized APIs on Skynet Kernel

Recording from ETHNewYork ‘22.

Additional Videos

This is a set of assorted livestreams, introductions to Skynet/Decentralization/Blockchain/Web3, and other Skynet workshops.

Some of these are templates used for talks I’ve given outside of the web3 ecosystem, including for Girl Develop It (2021) and freeCodeCampOK (2021).